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garden coaching

Not sure where to start? We can look over your garden, consider your goals, and make a plan. I'll help you find the right plant for the right place.  

companion planting

I'll gladly work alongside you to help tackle your garden space. This option is for those who want to work in the garden, but need an extra set of hands to finish a project that's holding you back.

personal gardener

This option is available for you if you like looking at life grow in your yard but also know that gardening isn't for you.  We can discuss a plan to fit your budget to reinvigorate the beds you currently have or create the space you want.

container design

Curb appeal is important not just when selling a house. You are worthy of a warm welcome to your own home.  Let me help you with a fresh design for your front steps--or even your garage entrance--that will brighten your every return.  

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